What is Oxinchannel?

Oxinchannel is the most downloaded educational app designed and developed by a young Startup team in Iran with more than a million download. It teaches foreign languages (English, Germany and IELTS preparation) in an Interactive way. Oxinchannel applications are developed by Oxinchannel in accordance with the method and standards of the European Association for Education. This language learning app enables Iranian users to learn English in the same way a native speaker learns the language.

oxinchannel Kiomars.com
oxinchannel Kiomars.com
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Business Process Innovation
Planning Design Strategies
Planning Marketing Strategies

My Contribution to Oxinchnnel’s team

I have been participating in its design team as a Design and Innovation consultant from the beginning. As an interactive product, its interface, and how the user experiences the apps is of critical importance. We used a combination of product/service innovation and business process innovation to launch an application that is reliable for language learners, so it has appeared as the best selling learning application in Iran.

Developing its blog structure as well as better UI and UX design increased its traffic for more than 75%. And the bounce rate decreased to less than 60%. With these improvements, not only download rate escalated but also users have better interaction with website content.

Now I’m working on new marketing strategies to find new markets for new apps (IELTS and Germany).