What is Himmel?

Himmel Group with the trademark “Himmel Design”  has well-established links and tie-ups in various countries across the globe, especially the Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Its goal is to provide its customers with innovative well-designed products and to develop its brand as a design and production organization.

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Product Design and Innovation
Business Process Innovation
Planning Design Strategies
Website design

My Contribution to Himmel’s team

I joined the Himmel group from the very first days of its establishments as a design innovation consultant. Helping them to make their corporate identity along with their brand in the souvenir market in Austria. I prepare some product design for their 1st souvenir series including watches, snow globes, and flash memories. Since all the products are produced in China I had to prepare designs suitable for their manufacturing routines.

While the products wherein production process, I prepared the website structure and catalogs for the Himmel advertisements as well as designing the packaging and banners.

Visit The Himmel design website here.