Role of Innovation capability in SMEs Performance

innovation and marketing capabilities play a vital role in creating competitive advantage and superior marketing performance. However, little research has looked at these capabilities and their combined role on the organization's performance. Organizational improvement methods for success in the market have always been desirable for researchers and managers of the organizations; in this

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What is Design Management

Design is considered as the main driver of innovation in Organizations, which is the fundamental principle for differentiation and branding. In the meantime, design management has been accepted as part of the strategic trend and strategic resource, because it acts as an incentive for innovation, which prepares the organization to acquire a superiority

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Why Startups should continue to make innovation?

Various studies and experiences have recognized innovation as the main parameter for economic growth and the source of competitive advantage for entrepreneur startups. But why entrepreneurs startups should continue to make innovation? Every year there are more than 100 million new businesses that it translates into roughly 11,000 startups launched every hour! In this fast-paced

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